Any bird  purchased from The Parrot Package have the following conditions:

Birds must be chosen carefully, as there are no returns accepted.

Should a bird need to be freighted via air /road, this is at the buyers own risk. 

Travel insurance is not available from The Parrot Package.

The Parrot Package will not be held liable for a refund, for purchased bird/s having accidents causing

their death within the new aviary at their new owner's premises.

All birds should be isolated at their new premises for at least 6 weeks, prior to being placed in new

owner's aviary.

The Parrot Package birds come with a 6 week Health Warranty on any bird/s purchased.

The Parrot Package stipulate they must be contacted as soon as there is any problem regarding the

parrot, Via email or in writing.

In the sad case of a bird dying within the 6 week Warranty period from date of receipt:-

We do require a Vet autopsy report from an Avian veterinarian, as well as a photo of the deceased

bird, within 2 days of death. Vet report must show bird 's I.D. leg ring or Micropchip number if applicable.

For any claims of a refund or replacement being processed and accepted by The Parrot Package,

the report must show the bird died from an underlying health issue only.

Not through an accident.... eg: broken neck / attacked & killed by vermin or metal poisoning from their

new aviary.

The Parrot Package are not held responsible for any bird that has been purchased through us with

clipped wings that manages to fly away. Clipping wings does not restrict flying all together, some birds

can still master flying. This is purely done on some parrots for their own safety whilst learning to fly, as

some birds fly erratic in their fledging state.

Customers are notified of this at the time of purchasing if applicable.

Holding Deposits that have been made to secure a baby are non refundable should a person wish to withdraw from their chosen bird after 2 weeks.

Layby Plan .......... Terms & Conditions:

One is able to commence payments early as 12 mths prior to delivery

of any of the following Exotic Species : Macaws, African Greys, Amazons,Caiques, Eclectus

Should one decide after they commence payments,

that they wish to cancel their layby.The first initial deposit required for that particular bird,is not refundable.

any payments thereafter, are returned.

Laybys are available to help those wanting to own an exotic bird.

The comforts to pay it off as they wait works well for many.

The Parrot Package make it easy for you  ....

An Exotic Feathered Friend is every bird lovers dream!