Correcting your Parrots Behaviour

This book helps in many ways to help you to know and teach your parrot better behaviour skills

 Price: $24.95

Incubation and Handrearing

 Excellent detailed book about 

Incubating and Handrearing baby parrots


Price: $30.50

Keeping and Breeding Cockatiels

A complete guide on the proven success and breeding of the Cockatiel. Provides details on origin, Colour mutations breeding, housing and feeding.

Price: $38.50

Basic Health and Disease

Very important for all aviculturist to have on hand Details of signs to

look out for when illnesses are

occurring in birds

Price: $30.50

Tips on selecting a healthy bird

Feeding, Grooming and Veterinary care

Getting small children and cockatiels
to get on peacefully

Price: $18.95

Cockatiels and Their Mutations

Easy to follow and understand the basics of breeding and keeping Cockatiels

Soft Cover $55.00

Hard Cover $65.00

A revised edition on caring and
breeding of the Eclectus Parrots


$39.00 soft cover
  $47.95 hard cover

Lories & Lorikeets

Easy guide to care & breeding of

these beautiful lories and lorikeets


Price: $34.95

Asiatic Parrots

Guide to breeding Asiatics,

Care and their mutations


Price: $25.95