Great Feeders...Friendly Feeders


The Duo Feeder ...reduces the mess we all know birds love to make.Parrots or the Lorikeet families

Why not have your  birds feeding areas all cleaned up.

This is... waterproof. Should one feed daily, you can use it for water & food either side.

Otherwise, dry food sorts in both for a few days feeding.

Great for going away on a weekend and when someone else is in their care.

Very easy to change over daily feed session and just easy as to keep clean..a warm wash down with Aviens spray & sponge.

an EXTRA duo tray for quick change over. ( Fill it up with food... swap with other tray in feeder and swivel lock it in)

What a quick easy way to feed your birds....further more.. THE MESS ..well these not much at all.

Better price on 3 or more!

Wholesale prices available.

Indoor cages and aviaries..

A Feeder that is made to last and look good too.

Here are some of our happy Duo Feeder Birds...and their owners are happy too.

Buy your feeder today!

The Single Less Mess Feeder

Clear plastic guard keeps the mess inside the cage.

Easy to remove, clean and refill.

Fits all bird cages with vertical or horizontal bars.


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The Feeder

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