We have a wide selection of beautiful
handraised birds throughout the year, for those
wishing to extend to their family.


Moustache Parrots

Greencheek conures: (Cinnamon Greencheek ready to go now)

Alexandrines (Gorgeous Alex baby girl ready to go now dna certificate provided)

Indian Ringnecks (Beautiful Blue Lacewings..white head / blue body many more breeds coming through soon).

All our babies are bred from beautiful sized stock, in a well maintained aviary complex

  • All our birds are fed top grade foods and Hand rearing formula
  • Fresh fruit & vegetables,nuts and other food sorts

They are raised in a fully functional baby nursery, set up like ones family home

They have the luxury of viewing:

  • TV
  • listening to music & Learn to talk cds
  • Air con... for comfort when needed from natures elements
  • The Parrot Packages "Teach Your Bird To Talk Cd"  is played throughout the day
  • Teaching them to talk is now made easier
  • Our cds are available to purchase
  • Vol 1 & Vol 2
  • Your own Personalised cd ... has your birds name and family names recorded into the wording

Available are birds from small to large sizes to suit all families

  • We have quietly spoken birds ...ones for unit living lifestyles
  • They have great personalities and are stunning in looks
  • Right up to the Beautiful Exotics

We are here to educate people about owning birds, as they truly are wonderful to own

  • Don't know which bird is right for your lifestyle..we can assist you with a choice
  • Not sure you know all that is needed to care for a bird.. we will let you know all required
  • Bad habits ...what to do, advice is here on hand
  • Breeding birds

Their life spans and much longer than those of our dogs & cats...being 25 yrs and up.

  • As they learn to talk and do tricks... when taught correctly
  • They are loyal to their owner
  • They thrive on interaction .. making families enjoy them all the more

You are most welcome to come view our birds & babies

  • Appointment is required to do so
  • 0403591287 or (02) 42833054