Teach Your Bird To Talk

Here at The Parrot Package

is where you can purchase the Talk Box that teaches your bird to talk quicker than normal

Would you like your bird to talk quicker and clearer?

Our Speaker Talk box is what is going to help your bird to do.

It comes personalised with your name /your birds name and phrases that will have your bird talking to you, not just mimicking a word.

The idea of a smart bird is one that sounds like he knows what he wants and how he asks for it.

We are more than happy to create your personalised talk box speaker for you

so you can have one great talking bird also.

They are not expensive and plays for 2 hours. Put it on when your not home and your bird will listen and learn. The speaker is rechargeable off your computer tower and doesn't need batteries or an electrical point.

Order yours ..Please allow 3-5 working days for delivery

Cost is $84.95 and postage is from $9.95 cost varies pending where its going.

GREAT PRESENT to give a BIRD OWNER surprise them, when they hear their names on there

Happy to have it gift wrapped for you and posted to chosen person

Order yours today!